Rubber boot provides added protection against damage

Paul Boughton

Serpac Electronic Enclosures is adding a rubber boot to the product line. This ergonomic rubber boot provides added protection against damage. The integrated base stand provides an optimum viewing angle with built-in pocket clip. The rubber boot has an overall thickness of 1.4 inches and is used with Serpac’s H65 enclosures.
The H65 is constructed out of premium ABS plastic and has a UL rating of 94HB. ABS material has a tensile strength 1/8” thickness of 5470 psi and IZOD impact  strength of 7.5ft-lbs/in. The three piece design is ergonomic and ideal for handheld use. The enclosure measures 4.94-in x 2.75-in x 0.94-in and comes with four #4 self taping screws for assembly.
Internal circuit board mounting bosses are adjustable through our in-moulded customisation, to conform to your PCB height requirements. Standard PCB board bosses height is 0.65 inches.
The H65 has five I-Plate 'In Mould’ Areas internal top, internal bottom, external top, external bottom and face plate.. The 'In-Mould Areas' on the H65 allow you to custom mould bevels, any hole geometry, letters, logos, instructions, and more. These I-Plates can also be recessed or raised to accommodate your components or designs. Average lead time is three weeks for all custom molds.
Optional clear, infrared and transparent end panels are an additional way to customise your enclosure to your needs.  End panel thickness on the H65 is 0.45 inches.
The H65 can be customised in other various ways including machining, pad printing, custom colors and custom materials.  Standard colours include black, almond, grey, translucent blue, translucent green, translucent grey and translucent red. Enclosures can be moulded in EMI material or sprayed with an EMI shield after moulding.
All Serpac enclosures are RoHs compliant.
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