Rotary position sensors use Hall Effect for exceptional rotational life

Paul Boughton

TT Electronics’ Sensing and Control Division has launched a series of new non-contacting rotary position sensors offering exceptional performance for up to 100 million revolutions.

Designed to operate reliably in demanding conditions, the MagnePot series is available with sensing angles between 35˚ and 360˚.

Incorporating Hall Effect non-contacting technology means they do not wear out, as in contacting devices, and there is no degradation of the output signal over life, making them ideal for applications where minimal maintenance is required.

The 6120 family features a bushing mount with a 7/8-in diameter package and a minimum of 10 million shaft rotations. Special designs with sealed shafts and rear lids and coated electronics for protection from severe environments are also possible. A supply voltage of 5Vdc is required and the ratiometric output goes from 3 per cent to 96 per cent of the supply voltage.

The 6150 series offers the same electrical performance and features of the 6120 family, however the innovative servo mount package provides a rotation life of 100 million revolutions. Multiple output voltage options are also available and both families are operational from -40o to 125oC.
The MagnePot product family is available globally from TT electronics’ distribution channel.

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