Reflective optical sensor

Louise Davis

TT Electronics introduces its Photologic V OPB9000 reflective optical sensor for industrial and medical applications.

The sensor provides dependable edge and presence detection of reflective media under a wide range of ambient light conditions.

The OPB9000, under the OPTEK brand, is suitable for a variety of applications, including industrial printing, dispensing, manufacturing automation, safety and security devices, portable lab/medical equipment.

The OPB9000 is a reflective, CMOS logic output sensor with programmable sensitivity, output polarity, and drain select. It features 25+ kilolux ambient light immunity, along with a wide operating temperature range.

The self-calibration feature avoids the need for constant recalibration as the LED ages, saving valuable time and effort.

Temperature compensation and automatic gain control features enable it to reliably function in the most demanding and dynamic environmental conditions where consistent performance from sensor devices is critical. The industry leading response time of 6µs ensures high-speed detection for time-critical applications.

Designs using standard analogue circuits can be extremely complex, with additional external components which add space and cost.

The OPB9000 is designed to eliminate circuit complexity and reduces board space requirements by up to 80% with its fully integrated analogue front end and digital interface. It combines an infrared emitter and integrated logic sensor in a miniature 4.0 mm x 2.2 mm x 1.5 mm surface-mount package.