Robust magnetic encoders for lift applications

Paul Boughton

Introducing new, cost-efficient, and durable magnetic incremental encoders, POSITAL now covers the complete sensor spectrum for lift technology applications.

The incremental encoders allow users to choose the number of pulses between 1 and 16,384 (14 Bit) and provide an accuracy of 12 Bit (0.09°). Available with protection classes up to IP69K, the units have a diameter of 36 or 58mm.

In addition, POSITAL also supplies magnetic absolute encoders that measure one revolution with a maximum resolution of 16 Bit and can cover up to 38 Bit for counting revolutions.

Many models feature a CANopen interface with a lift application profile which completely fulfills the requirements of the DS-417 specification. Optionally, models with an SSI interface that enables the connection to all standard frequency inverters are also available.

With both the incremental and absolute encoders, the underlying magnetic measuring principle allows for a very small footprint and a design that withstands even high bearing loads.

The devices are maintenance-free, long-lived, and withstand shocks and vibrations. They can detect the position of elevator cars via shaft copying. For that purpose, they are combined with a belt drive, a draw wire, or a measuring cord.

The revolving belt can, for example, move a wheel fitted on the elevator car, whose revolutions are measured by an encoder. Alternatively, the encoder can be installed in a fixed location at the upper end of the shaft, measuring the cabin's position by means of a belt-driven wheel, a draw wire, or a cord.

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