Robust inclinometers for mobile machines

Paul Boughton

The POSITAL inclinometers from the TILTIX series are also available as space-saving heavy duty versions with a CANopen interface and an integrated T-coupler that enables a line cabling structure of the power supply as well as bus signals.

Requiring no external junction, the inclinometers reduce wiring efforts. Moreover, the integrated T-coupler is more cost-efficient and resistant than external junction boxes or T-couplers.

The inclinometers are equipped with robust, compact stainless steel connectors that allow space-saving installation, making the sensors suitable for the requirements of mobile machinery. 

A dual colour LED that displays the device status and network status according to the DR 303-3 specification of the CANopen user organisation CiA is another new feature. 

The sensors are protected by an IP69K aluminum housing that withstands even high-pressure cleanings. They support the CiA DS 410 device profile for inclinometers.

In many applications, inclinometers can be used as an alternative to encoders. Providing a high measuring accuracy, they can be easily and cost-efficiently integrated into machines and plants without any additional mechanical parts. 

The sensors feature capacitive cells based on MEMS technology (micro-electro-mechanical systems), and allow users to measure inclination values directly, ie requiring no mechanical coupling to drive elements. Mounting fixtures and couplings are therefore rendered unnecessary, minimising the constructive effort compared with other solutions. 

The inclinometers are available as single axis models with a 360° measuring range and as double axis models with a ±80° measuring range. They provide a 0.01° resolution at a 0.1° measuring accuracy. A high sampling rate of up to 100 measurements per second enables an efficient filtering of vibrations and shocks and minimises the settling time.

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