Ready-made enclosures for water treatment industry

Paul Boughton

As the latest Asset Management Programme or AMP6 contracts take effect, many contractors will be looking at how to deliver each project in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Spelsberg is offering a bespoke customisation service that can deliver a range of solutions for small and mid-sized enclosures to suit a number of applications.

Electrical contractors and designers can now save time and effort thanks to the bespoke manufacturing service offered by Spelsberg, which is the largest supplier of non-metallic enclosures ex-stock in the UK and is well known for its customisation and assembly capabilities. This service offers a wide range of solutions, from CNC machining of knockouts to completely pre-assembled control stations, all of which can save time during installation and deliver a professional finish for the client.

Working in the water treatment industry brings with it a set of specifications unique to the industry which are known as the Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications or WIMES for short. These require the designers and installers of electrical equipment to deliver each and every product to a specific standard.

As the ageing infrastructure of the water treatment industry is upgraded and improved, there is a requirement to bring all of the electrical control systems up to date as well. In many cases a group of facilities will be upgraded under one project and will require a number of identical enclosures designed and installed within the specified timeframe.

Spelsberg can advise on the most suitable material for the enclosure depending on the application and the local environment. With a verified electrical design, the enclosures can be machined to accommodate all of the necessary components and cables, including push-buttons, ammeters, digital displays and any other requirements.

The most obvious, and common, request for customisation is the quantity and layout of the entry points. While a standard enclosure will typically offer a uniform number of 'knock-out' options, customisation allows the designer to specify the exact quantity of entries and dictate the size, shape and positioning of them. This not only improves the aesthetics of the product, as there are no redundant 'knock-outs' visible, but will also improve the overall protection that it offers as there are no weak points in the wall.

The enclosures can then be delivered in this 'bare' state or they can be populated with the necessary components, terminals and wiring in order to reduce the final installation time even further. With the considerable buying power of Spelsberg, this can prove to be a very cost effective solution that helps the project to be installed and commissioned on time and to budget.

The first step to finding out what customisation options are open to your design is to speak to Spelsberg els UK Ltd who will be able to provide information on what's possible and help to determine the most efficient options.