The proven advantages of non-contact temperature measurement

Paul Boughton

The infrared or non-contact thermometer clearly offers a distinct advantage over contact measurement due to its ability to determine accurately the target object's temperature without any physical contact.

Many industrial applications benefit from this technology due to their non-contact nature. Infrared thermometers give the ability to monitor temperature in situations where the object is inaccessible or moving, where the object may be contaminated or damaged by a contact sensor, where contact is not possible due to extremely high temperatures, or where the object is electrically active.

Since infrared thermometers can determine the temperature of a target object without physical contact, the measurement system does not contaminate, damage, or interfere with the process being monitored and has many advantages over contact measurement devices. An Infrared Thermometer can be mounted remotely from the hot target, enabling it to operate for long periods with minimal maintenance.

Another significant advantage is the very fast response time provided by infrared thermometers, typically a temperature measurement can be made within a few thousandths of a second.

These types of thermometers are installed in a large range of process applications, including metals, minerals, paper and plastics.

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