Process visualisation in hazardous areas

Paul Boughton

Explosion-proof panel PCs for the onsite control and visualisation of processes make machinery user-friendly, highly available, and cost effective. This high level of utility is further enhanced by the POLARIS series because the system also addresses the high security requirements that need to be fulfilled.

The eight 12.1-in widescreen touch panels are used in its present application to control and monitor the filling of waggons in a petrochemical fuelling facility at an oil depot.

The new display technology guarantees the best possible contrast even at wide viewing angle.

The Ethernet interface enables individual computers or network devices to be connected to an existing local area network. Safety is of particular importance when using the control and operating system for filling the wagons. The structure was therefore designed to avoid potential dangers posed by the user or the network. For this reason, the BARTEC ZeroClientShell is used as an alternative to Windows Explorer.

The functionalities are limited to a minimum. In addition, the operating system is limited in such a way that data media cannot be used via the USB interface as this will be blocked. However, an intrinsically safe USB mouse and USB keyboard can be used for service purposes.

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