Process filtration

Paul Boughton

Infolabel AG is the manufacturer of Chemap-Filters which have tested in more than 5000 different types of application. The company’s services range from the engineering of Chemap-Filters and complete filtration systems to support with spare parts and expert knowledge.

The Chemap-Filter system can be constructed to be fully-automated. The Chemap-Filter is designed for process-integrated and efficient filtration, with follow-up treatment levels too if required, in a closed system.

Engineers who have specialised in filtration process support customers in the defining and design of instruments and optimise the complex process steps together with the customer, making the filter become an efficient element in the production process. With Chemap-Filter test facilities, performance parameters necessary for the definition of the optimal configuration can be evaluated in Infolabel own laboratories or in a field test on the customer’s premises.

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Infolabel AG is based in Nänikon, Uster, Switzerland.

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