Planetary performance increases accuracy

Paul Boughton

Gearing specialist Harmonic Drive UK has launched a new range of planetary gears targeted at users that require accuracy and low backlash. The new HPN range is designed for applications including packaging, printing, machine toolst, as well as pick-and-place robotics.

Available in five sizes with eight gear ratios between three and 31:1, the new HPN series of planetary gears offers repeat peak-torque from nine to 752Nm. Combined with a backlash of between just five and seven arcmin for single and double-stage ratios respectively, the HPN delivers exceptional accuracy and repeatability.

Featuring helical gear teeth, the HPN range of planetary gears runs smoother and produces much less noise than equivalent gears that use spur teeth. Less friction also reduces operating temperatures, improves lubrication life and is supported by two ball-type output bearings minimising sideways movement.

The HPN gear series is available with a quick delivery time of three weeks. In addition, Harmonic Drive has also developed variations of the HPN gear including the HPF, which features a hollow shaft to pass through cabling and services as well as the HPG and HPGP, which cater for different torque and accuracy requirements.

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