Pipe bevelling tool

Paul Boughton

A new blade holder for the Prepzilla MILLHOG pipe bevelling tool that permits bevelling, facing, and boring simultaneously to assure high weld quality is being introduced by ESCO Tool.

The Prepzilla MILLHOG I.D. Clamping pipe bevelling tool machines pipes from 40mm I.D. to 219.1mm O.D. using only eight sets of clamps and one mandrel.

Featuring a new, rigid three-blade holder designed to bevel, face, and bore in one operation, this end prep tool assures there is a smooth transfer when matching two different pipe schedules for optimum weld quality.

Suitable for highly alloyed materials, the Prepzilla MILLHOG I.D. Clamping pipe bevelling tool can produce end preps at any angle without cutting oils. It has robust construction with dual-opposed tapered roller bearings, direct drive gears, a rigid blade lock system, and TiN coated T-15 tool steel cutter blades.  Air- and electric-powered models are available.

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