ONS event used to showcase subsea tools

Paul Boughton

Trelleborg will present an extended range of subsea solutions, including its recently re-branded portfolio of thermal insulation materials and subsea seals, at the ONS Exhibition and Conference in Stavanger, Norway.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and Trelleborg Offshore & Construction, will showcase a number of subsea innovations including Trelleborg’s portfolio of thermal insulation solutions, Vikotherm, as well as its Multi-Contact Turcon Variseal.

Vikotherm R2 consists of a three-layer coating system that provides total protection against corrosion and hydrogen-induced stress cracking (HISC). Its seawater, impact and creep resistance means that it offers excellent thermal insulation properties. The material is suitable for jumpers and spool pieces; tie-in spools, manifolds, subsea trees, risers and flowlines, joints, insulation covers and many more applications.

Ben Erik Jansen, business group director of Trelleborg’s offshore operation based in Norway, states: “As the offshore oil and gas industry continues to push the limits, flow assurance is becoming a critical element of deepwater developments. This is resulting in a growing need for higher performance solutions which are guaranteed to perform in extreme environments.

“Our Vikotherm portfolio more than caters to these demanding environments, operating effectively at depths as low as 3,000+m / 9,843+ft and at extreme temperatures from -49°C to +115°C / -56°F to +311°F /. Our customers can therefore be assured that oil and gas can flow through pipelines when required.”

The Multi-Contact Turcon Variseal has been developed to replace multiple chevron seals or V-stack type products in subsea valve stems requiring a high-integrity sealing capability. It includes a series of single-acting spring-energised seals housed within a U-shaped Turcon polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based-material seal profile.

This next generation Turcon seal is designed to provide integrated redundancy, helping to extend the flex life of seals in high-pressure applications while providing better performance and lower operator costs. With the addition of anti-extrusion devices, the Multi-Contact Turcon Variseal can withstand pressures of up to 207 MPa/30,000 psi.


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