Comparison of performance benefits of thermal insulation materials

Paul Boughton

Morgan Advanced Materials has launched an interactive tool, allowing the comparison of thermal, economic and environmental performances of a variety of thermal insulation systems over the course of their working lifetimes.

With demand for cost and energy reductions coupled with greater energy efficiency growing consistently, the SEW3 app, available exclusively to employees within Morgan’s high performance thermal insulation business, Porextherm, provides customers with the analysis necessary to make informed decisions around their choice of insulation materials.

By comparing a range of thermal insulation materials alongside one another, working in conjunction with customers, this enables Morgan to pinpoint solutions for potential customers which fully satisfy their individual requirements, conveniently and cost-effectively, based on the projected lifetime usage. Over the long term, this will enable businesses to make significant cost savings, while reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

By highlighting the key properties of Morgan’s acclaimed range of thermal insulation materials, the SEW3 app highlights the best product mix to customers, whether that requirement is for single insulation or by marrying together multiple insulations in composite systems.