Non-contact thermometer for foundries

Louise Smyth

AMETEK LAND India’s Cyclops 055L non-contact thermometer has been specifically designed for foundries, provides accurate temperature measurement for liquid metals in the range 1,000˚C to 2,000˚C (1,832˚F to 3,632˚F).

Measuring modes include Continuous, Peak, Valley and an advanced Meltmaster, which is designed specifically for accurate measurement of liquid metal temperatures.

The C055L significantly reduces the costs associated with disposable ‘dip’ type thermocouples. In addition, the 5m/16ft focusing distance improves safety by ensuring non-hazardous measurement for the operator, whilst the field of view enables use in applications with a restricted view or access.

Other key features of the Cyclops 055L include easy-to-use menu controls and a multi-functional display which is backlit to provide a clear external panel. Foundries therefore benefit from clear and accurate visibility of on-screen data, as soon as the trigger is pressed.

Accuracy is maintained in all conditions with Cyclops 055L as the operating waveband has been carefully chosen to minimise errors, due to uncertainty in emissivity and the effects of atmospheric vapor components, such as steam or hot sparks. Its ‘through-the-lens’ reflex optical system provides a precise definition of the target spot and clear visibility of the user selected temperature mode in the viewfinder.

The Cyclops 055L is designed for user accessibility, providing quick, simple data logging with Bluetooth and USB connectivity to download information to PC or mobile device for analysis and trending.

This can be done using the free Cyclops Logger App, which enhances Cyclops’ operation by making it even easier for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to capture and share live data from a Land Cyclops portable thermometer.

Extremely durable, the Cyclops 055L features rugged casing which allows for extended periods of exposure, providing durability in harsh environments.  The instrument operates via a number of set operating modes, which guarantees single-handed operation, even in hazardous conditions.