New swappable battery

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Power specialist Briggs & Stratton officially unveiled its new Vanguard 1.5 kWh swappable battery at Bauma 2022, the latest addition to its battery range. The launch comes as part of Briggs & Stratton’s continued commitment to the EMEA region as it expands its offering for OEMs.

The new battery will focus on convenience for the end user, enabling them to easily swap the battery between applications on the jobsite, ideal for those in the rental industry. The ability to swap between multiple machines helps to reduce equipment downtime and streamlines the service offering by removing the need for different battery types. With a built-in latching system, the swap is seamless as the battery securely clicks in and out of place.

The swappable battery continues Vanguard’s unique ability to enable up to 10 batteries to be used in parallel, providing additional power capabilities as required. This allows the batteries to be used across a range of product platforms, in turn providing increased flexibility and cost efficiencies.

Housed in a secure casing, the batteries are designed to withstand abuse, debris and dirt, making them reliable and durable across a host of different machines, as well as reducing noise output and being emissions-free at the point of use.  Vanguard batteries also feature a unique cell chemistry that allows for diverse applications and load factors.  This adaptability is what makes Vanguard batteries suitable across such a range of industries with vastly different power requirements.

The batteries come with a built-in integrated Battery Management System (BMS), which is standard across the Vanguard battery range, to protect battery health during use and charging, safeguarding battery longevity. No maintenance of the battery is needed as the BMS ensures it is operating in the optimum performance window. Additionally, the BMS enables the battery to be connected to the Vanguard app, where users can remotely monitor the battery and run easy diagnostics. The Swappable Battery comes with dual CANbus communication to ensure effective communication with the machinery.

Paul Bramhall, Director – Electrification & Rental at Briggs & Stratton EMEA commented, “We are excited to launch our new swappable batteries, a brand-new innovation to the market and a big step into the future for the rental industry as we enable them to standardise their power solution across a diverse range of applications. The integration potential of these batteries is phenomenal, enabling OEMs to power multiple products in their portfolio with one battery system, knowing it is designed with safety in mind to ensure reliable performance in demanding environments. We look forward to working closely with our current and prospective partners throughout EMEA to help them meet their electrification aims.”

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