Do you need the battery buzzword bible?

Jon Lawson

Accutronics has released a booklet highlighting the top must-know words and phrases that are changing the battery industry. The booklet is designed for professionals in the design, development and manufacture of battery-powered devices in the electronics, medical, military and industrial sectors. The booklet is available for download free from here.

The global battery market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 4% from 2016–2021 when it will reach a market size of $17.26bn.
"Battery technology is currently at the forefront of many people's minds," explained Neil Oliver at Accutronics. "As well as the continued push for battery storage for electric vehicles, homes and medical wearable devices, we're now seeing a wider interest for people wanting to learn more about what drives battery technology.
"This is one of the main reasons we've developed this booklet. It not only addresses the top buzzwords relating to chemistry, cycle life and energy, it also looks at the many positive areas of growth such as fuel gauging, battery management and modular systems.
"In my experience, many original equipment manufacturers don't consider the battery until late in the design process," continued Oliver. "With this booklet we want professionals to really look at the issues and challenges they face when designing, developing and manufacturing their devices. Hopefully, this booklet will go some way in triggering that creative and novel development spark."
Professionals reading the booklet can expect to learn about algorithmic security, a form of computer cryptography that uses an embedded chip in the battery to prevent counterfeit batteries being used in mission-critical devices such as anaesthesia machines in hospitals. When a battery is used, the host device challenges it to complete a secure hashing algorithm (SHA), rejecting fake batteries that are incapable of solving the algorithm.