New surface and surface interface diagnostic systems

Paul Boughton

Hiden Analytical has new range of surface and surface interface diagnostic tools. Based on the UHV Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) technique the new tools provide for high performance surface elemental and contamination analysis together with depth profiling with nanometre scale depth resolution.

Hiden surface diagnostics systems are designed to work with many sample types including metallurgical thin films, coatings, solar cells, and semiconductors.

The new systems include  excellent depth and spatial resolution providing  3D images of the uppermost layers of surfaces and thin films on a nano/micron scale. A wide range of sample sizes and shapes can be accommodated in the UHV sample load lock making the Hiden surface diagnostics tools  extremely versatile.

Historically high performance SIMS tools have only been  available at a very high capital cost combined with an ongoing  high cost of ownership.

The Hiden SIMS analysis tool is a modular system  starting at a foundation level and offers world class performance at an affordable price level combined with  extremely low cost of ownership.

The systems include a dedicated SIMS user interface making operation straightforward, with user training for a new starter typically completed within just 2-3 days.

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