New series of flow sensors

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Developed primarily for use in conformal temperature control systems, the new SBT-series flow sensors from ifm electronic respond to flow rate changes in less than 10 ms, even at low flow rates. This ensures that process quality is maintained even in critical applications, and the risk of product wastage is minimised.   

A standard analogue output allows SBT sensors to be interfaced with almost any control system, while their ability to withstand temperatures up to 180 ºC and pressures up to 30 bar further increases their versatility.

Conformal temperature control systems, which depend on the flow of a cooling medium through channels in a mould, are widely used in applications that include injection moulding, tyre manufacture and the production of meat substitutes. Over time, the channels can become restricted or blocked, leading to poor temperature control and degradation of end product quality. SBT sensors guard against these problems by instantly and accurately detecting flow restrictions, allowing immediate remedial action to be taken.

Additionally, when used in conjunction with temperature sensors such as ifm’s TM5101 devices, SBT flow sensors provide an ideal basis for monitoring, managing and optimising the energy usage of conformal temperature control systems.

SBT fast-response high precision flow sensors are currently available in four versions. Types SBT633 and SBT634 have G¾ process connections and cover flow rates of 0.3 to 25 l/min and 0.6 to 50 l/min, respectively. Type SBT646 has an RP1 process connection and a flow rate range of 2 to 100 l/min, and type SBT657, which has an RP1½ process connection, covers flow rates from 4 to 200 l/min. All types have an accuracy of ± 5% or better, and all have an IP67 ingress protection rating.

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