Flow sensor for high-pressure applications

News Editor

Designed specifically for accurate measurement of liquid flow rates in high-pressure applications, even if the flow rate is fluctuating rapidly, the new SBZ224 flow sensor from ifm electronic is ideal for monitoring and logging the performance of high-pressure cleaning systems. Typical applications include use in meat processing plants where customers demand detailed records to show that cleaning, which is often performed with short bursts of liquid spray, has been carried out to the required standards.

ifm’s innovative SBZ224 sensors have a flow rate measuring range of 1 to 50 litres per minute and can be used at pressures up to 200 bar. Thanks to their mechatronic flow measuring principle, the sensors have a response time of just 100 ms, which not only allows them to deliver dependable results in spray systems, but also means that measurement accuracy is unaffected by air bubbles and turbulence.

An integrated temperature sensor with a measuring range of -10 to +100 ºC is also featured and, in many applications, this eliminates the need for a separate temperature sensor, which saves money and reduces plant complexity. Both temperature and flow measurements are accessed via an IO-Link interface, which is also used for parameterisation and diagnostics. In addition, conventional switching, analogue and frequency outputs are provided.

The wetted parts of SBZ224 flow sensors are fabricated from stainless steel which is highly resistant to attack by all common cleaning agents, and the sensors have an IP65/67 ingress protection rating.