New sensor simplifies condition monitoring

News Editor

ifm electronic has launched a new multi-function vibration sensor that provides a comprehensive real-time condition monitoring solution for electric motors and other simple machines. Benefits include cost-effective continuous monitoring of equipment, early warning of potential problems, elimination of unnecessary routine maintenance and reduced downtime.

The compact VVB001 sensor, which is readily fitted to existing machines thanks to its simple mounting system, acquires and internally analyses information about machine vibration without the aid of additional equipment. It provides real-time data via an IO-Link interface which makes it easy to integrate with factory automation systems.

To provide effective detection of a wide range of machine problems, the VVB001 sensor continuously performs four types of analysis on the vibration data it acquires: v-RMS analysis helps to identify component fatigue, a-RMS analysis provides indication of excessive friction, a-Peak analysis identifies mechanical impacts and crest-factor analysis provides an overall measure of machine condition. As well as vibration, the VVB001 also monitors temperature and provides a warning if it detects a rising trend.

While the innovative VVB001 is a completely self-contained condition monitoring solution that needs no external processing support, it can also provide raw data for detailed analysis or long-term trending. This data is transmitted via IO-Link as BLOB (binary large object) for use by external systems.