New condition monitoring platform

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Brüel & Kjær Vibro (B&K Vibro) has launched BKV Beyond, a new platform extending condition monitoring from edge to enterprise.

Designed for optimal machine healthcare with verified actionable insights, BKV Beyond helps avoid costly downtime through BKV Collect wireless sensors. The sensors, fitting directly onto machinery, connect wirelessly for smooth and efficient installation. BKV Beyond securely centralizes all communications and data to share through the BKV Connect Gateways. The state-of-the-art BKV Beyond software utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly analyze data points, detecting faults before they become an issue.

Ingo Anders, CEO at B&K Vibro, said, “BKV Beyond makes it possible for engineers, operators and plant managers to work more efficiently with our easy-to-use condition monitoring platform. All actionable insights identified by AI are verified by our remote monitoring experts, providing trusted recommendations, and keeping your operations on track.”

The BKV Beyond platform avoids unexpected outages and provides the confidence to extend maintenance intervals. All system upgrades are completed instantaneously without interrupting operations.

Anders said, “We are proud to deliver a condition monitoring platform that delivers high performance and improves productivity. Our AI is always learning, so we’re continually enhancing our platform to improve the insights we provide. We can find and fix previously undiscovered customer issues, and keep production moving.”

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