New precision single-phase power analyser series

Paul Boughton

Tektronix Inc has expanded its family of precision power analysers with the introduction of the PA1000 single-phase power analyser.

Featuring a patent pending Spiral Shunt design, the PA1000 provides engineers designing and testing power supplies, consumer electronics and other electrical products with accurate power measurements in the shortest possible time.

Features such as a colour graphical display, one-button application modes and menu system enable optimum instrument set up in seconds, and  the powerful PWRVIEW PC software includes comprehensive reporting features such as a full compliance IEC62301 standby power certificate.
Engineers developing power supplies for single-phase electronics face new demands for greater energy efficiency and lower line pollution, along with a growing array of government regulations and commercial demands to reduce energy consumption.

As new semiconductor technologies such as GaN (Gallium Nitride) and SiC (Silicon Carbide) emerge to meet these demands, new test and measurement tools such as the PA1000 are required to keep pace.
The new PA1000 single-phase power analyser compliments the PA4000 series of precision three-phase power analysers introduced earlier this year, as well as Tektronix oscilloscopes and probes for circuit analysis, giving engineers end-to-end solutions for optimising and debugging power electronics designs.
The PA1000 offers the best overall performance in its class, with 0.05 per cent basic accuracy and 1MHz measurement bandwidth. Two internal current shunts are included on each PA1000 — one for current measurements up to 1 Amp, for precise low-current measurements, and another for current measurements up to 20 Amps. The 1 Amp shunt is particularly useful for maintaining measurements resolution and accuracy on demanding low-current signals common to standby power testing.
A full-colour graphics display, unusual in this instrument class, makes setup and other tasks easy and intuitive, with one-button access to measurement results, power waveforms, harmonic bar graphs, and menus. Application-specific test modes for standby current, lamp ballast testing and energy integration help to simplify optimization of instrument settings, saving engineers time and reducing mistakes. PWRVIEW PC software further simplifies testing with one-click test automation for compliance-test applications.
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