New oxygen gas analyser

Jon Lawson

Siemens UK & Ireland has launched Oxymat 7 - its next-generation oxygen measuring solution.

It is part of the new, innovative and modular-based Siprocess GA700 series of gas analytic solutions and offers industrial users the ability to measure oxygen in gases based upon the paramagnetic alternating pressure method.

Available in modular form for easy combination with other Siprocess GA700 solutions, Calomat 7 and Ultramat 7, the Oxymat 7 provides a number of operating benefits, including:

Corrosion resistance thanks to an external microflow sensor

Long service life

Low susceptibility to failure

Vibration compensation

Small measuring ranges.

The Oxymat 7 is designed for accurate and fast measurement in typical application areas such as boiler control within incineration plants, quality and process control within chemical plants and quality control in high-purity gases.  In addition, it supports environmental protection objectives, enables purity monitoring and underpins quality control in air separation plants.

Bob Lane, business manager – Analytical Products & Solutions at Siemens UK & Ireland, says: “We have continued to develop our range of gas analytic solutions and believe the Oxymat 7 meets a specific industrial need, while helping users to improve operational efficiency and productivity on site.”

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