New oils deliver highest flash point

Jon Lawson

The UK’s process industries now have access to two new thermal fluids with an extremely high flash point, offering an impressive degree of long-term safety and cost-efficiency.

Thermal Fluid Solutions (TFS) has launched TFS Magma Ultima and its food-grade sister, TFS Thermaltrans FGS, two semi-synthetic heat transfer fluids with a closed-cup flash point of over 260˚C.

A fluid’s flash point is the minimum temperature at which, in the presence of ignition sources, such as light switches, pump failure or sparks, its vapours will ignite and it becomes classified as 'hazardous'. The new oils’ flash point means that they may safely be used in systems operating at a bulk (highest average) temperature of up to 300˚C and film (container boundary) temperature of up to 325˚C.

The chemical composition of these highly refined oils ensures a considerable level of stability, allowing the fluids to resist for longer the process of degradation and consequent flash point reduction. The fluids create a minimum of carbon deposits and varnishes, so permitting long-lasting system cleanliness and efficiency. They are also resistant to water contamination.

TFS’ two new oils have been launched following six months of stringent testing at the firm’s Derbyshire headquarters. Managing director, Richard Franklin, says: “Our new oils present a very exciting opportunity for the UK’s 3,000-plus process manufacturers that operate thermal fluid systems to transfer heat around their plants.

“They will enable companies to operate their systems safely and efficiently at high temperatures long-term, reducing the frequency with which oil needs to be reconditioned or replaced to ensure that vital parameters such as minimum flash points are maintained.”

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