New modular lightweight connector

Engineer Live News Desk

Stäubli Electrical Connector launches the EvoTrak lite for versatile, adaptable electrical connections between the main functions of the rail vehicle electrical traction chain. At this year's InnoTrans, the new modular lightweight EvoTrak lite was showcased to the public for the first time. The response was consistently positive and the feedback from visitors confirmed that the direction Stäubli has taken is forward-looking. The compact and flexible modular solutions, from 1 to 4 poles, meet all current rail industry standards. With the expansion of the EvoTrak family, Stäubli now offers, in addition to the well-known, field-tested EvoTrak MPC (formerly MPC), a consistent product portfolio for the entire traction chain for all types of rolling stock.  

With a voltage capacity of 1500 V and current up to 300 A, EvoTrak lite is perfectly suitable for medium power applications with cross-section cables up to 70mm² and is of high interest for Light Rail Vehicles (LRV) to its compactness. EvoTrak lite – the compact modular lightweight.

A significant highlight, EvoTrak lite, is a complete metallic connector, using shielded cables and offering phase segregation. Includes IP2X and is like the field-proven EvoTrak MPC modular connector, perfectly tailored to the requirements of the railway market.   

EvoTrak lite offers unbeatable feature combinations in the smallest possible space:

  • 1 to 4 poles
  • 10 mm diameter contact for a current capacity up to 300 A
  • For cable cross-sections up to 70 mm²
  • Crimp contact (additionally screw contact for receptacle)
  • Full metallic connector for high durability and robustness
  • EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) management when railway shielded cables are used
  • Segregation of phases (especially for PMM – Permanent Magnet Motor connections)
  • IP2X solution
  • Various configurations: Straight versions, panel versions
  • Easy assembly: no tools necessary for contact mounting

With the new EvoTrak family, Stäubli offers the same connection philosophy for the entire traction chain for a one-stop-shop approach.