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Assembling complex modular connectors involves integrating a wide variety of cables and leads, which requires technical know-how and assembly tools that not every company has. This can create challenges for logistics and installation.

CombiTac is a modular connector that offers a wide range of modules to be combined. The online configurator makes it easy to configure complex hybrid connectors, which are fully adapted to the requirements of the customer. Depending on the complexity of the interface, cables may be needed for power supply, signal and data lines, optical fibre cables, hoses for compressed air and fluids, coaxial cables, along with the associated connectors. The customer is faced with the problem that they not only have to order all these cables, but also assemble them correctly. This means investing a lot of time and money to be able to use the connector.

System solutions in form of installation-ready assemblies can simplify installation and drive down costs over the long term. The customer saves time during installation, ensures the correct mounting and problem-free function, and therefore will experience a reduced error rate during start-up and maintenance. The risk of high costs associated with shutting down a production line can be minimised with an investment in high-quality system solutions, and thus increased process reliability. An approach that doesn’t require specially trained staff or new infrastructure to assemble and install the interfaces, can provide an additional economic edge.

Ready-to-use connectors

Stäubli Electrical Connectors offers pre-assembled modular connectors. With fully automated cable assembly, the company enables the delivery of ready-to-use connectors, which are of high quality due to internal testing and are tailored to the customer’s needs. Another significant advantage of this approach is that the complete assembly can inspire new potential solutions and new opportunities to reduce costs or optimise functionality.

With Stäubli’s extensive engineering experience, the firm offers pre-assembled cable assemblies that are being used in the field currently.

Robust combitac assemblies for high-performance batteries

In collaboration with Akasol, Stäubli configured a solution for a high-performance, modular OEM battery system based on the modular Stäubli CombiTac system. In this system, current flows and data signals are transmitted between the individual battery modules onto the power electronics. The OEM customer’s connection specifications are implemented in pre-assembled cables. This makes it possible to work on the battery at zero voltage by simply unplugging the power unit from the battery. For Akasol’s customers, using Stäubli’s safe connector solution in high-performance battery systems guarantees long-lasting, fail-safe electric vehicle operation and the highest level of safety for maintenance work.

Flexible, fail-safe connectors for AGVs

WFTM.I.T automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from Stäubli WFT provide 360 degree manoeuvrability in all directions. This requires a flexible yet fail-safe connection for energy transmission to the drive axles. The result is a CombiTac solution with pre-assembled wiring harnesses of various lengths. This system solution reduces installation times and eliminates sources of error in assembly. The required cable length can vary from about 18 inches (50cm) to over 39 feet (12m) from one design to the next, and Stäubli flexibly adapts its implementation as needed.

Stäubli develops advanced connection solutions based on its Multilam contact technology. The company provides connections for industries such as renewable energy, industrial automation, power transmission and distribution, railway, welding automation, test and measurement, medical devices and e-mobility.

Stefanie Rago is at Stäubli Electrical Connectors.

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