New inspection app frees data

Louise Davis

Metegrity has launched VisionsGo, a new mobile technology for asset inspections management. It was created to address an industry need for fast, secure exchange of data. A recognised challenge existed in the way that traditional asset inspections were conducted - too much time spent manually collecting data via paper processes and waiting for the results to be reported. Metegrity recognised the potential for a much better, more efficient and more secure system.

Companies can assign work from Visions, the main asset integrity system into the mobile app. Inspectors can then organise their work and use the app to collect inspection data on the go. All results can then be synced to a robust, secure Cloud database – where they can be reviewed for quality assurance.

Faster access to data for accelerated decision making is the result, with more transparent inspection processes.

Unlike other tools on the market, where all AIM data can be accessed on the app, VisionsGo makes it possible to limit the data accessed by different parties for added security. All assigned work, objectives, and resulting quality assurance are handled by the main AIM system, which helps protect the company’s data and integrity objectives.


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