Actuators aid asset management

Paul Boughton

When it comes to increasing plant availability and optimising process performance, while reducing maintenance costs, AUMA recognises that plant asset management and predictive maintenance play key roles. Supporting this, AUMA’s electric actuators offer intelligent, self-diagnostic features that make them easy to integrate into asset management systems.

Predictive maintenance, in contrast to classic preventive maintenance at fixed intervals, takes into account different operation profiles. If actuators are operated frequently at both high torque and ambient temperatures, wear will be much higher than for actuators operated just twice a year.

Intelligent AUMA actuators with integrated AC controls continuously monitor critical parameters, such as temperatures, torque, vibration and number of starts. Based on this information, the actuator automatically signals maintenance requirements and work is performed only when required. As a result, operational life and device availability can be considerably increased and process downtime minimised.

Maintenance information is indicated for four component categories: mechanics, seals, grease and contactors. Status can be shown both locally on the device’s display and transmitted, via fieldbus, to the central control system. Corrective actions can be taken by on site staff or AUMA service engineers, backed by complete maintenance packages with renewable warranty.

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