New inserts for automated machine tool cleaning

Louise Smyth

Whether it is drilling, milling or turning – residues from the machining are not only left on the part surface but also in the tools and fixtures. Cleaning the latter is usually still done manually, even though cleaning of the manufactured parts is carried out in a cleaning machine. 

Specifically, for tool holders (e.g. HSK) and tool fixtures, Metallform has developed inserts, which can be easily placed in standard cleaning baskets. They enable the fast, reliable and economical automated cleaning as well as transport of the assembled tool holder. Clean tool holders significantly contribute to precision in machining. Therefore, it is surprising that fixtures are still frequently manually cleaned before the tools get replaced, because this process does not ensure that swarf and residues from processing media get removed reliably. 

In order to improve this, Metallform has developed specific inserts for standard cleaning baskets such as the MEFO-BOX. The inserts are available for different tool fixtures, e.g. HSK, Conus, VDI and SBA and can be adapted to the type and size of the holders. Fixation of the holder in the insert only takes place at uncritical areas. 

Adapted to the size of the working chamber of the cleaning machine, the tool fixtures can be placed vertically or horizontally – e.g. for deep-hole drills – in the insert. This also allows for placing the tool holder directly at the machine or machining centre into the insert and for  transporting it safely to the cleaning machine. 

After cleaning and replacing tools the holders can be transported back to the metal cutting machine safely and without damage. Like all cleaning baskets from Metallform, the inserts are made of stainless steel with an electrolytic polished surface. This high-quality material can be used with all cleaning media and ensures a long service life.


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