New miniature sensors

Louise Smyth

HBM has introduced its new Paceline CSW miniature force washers for shear force monitoring. The new piezoelectric sensors typical fields of application will include force monitoring tasks in machining processes such as cutting, milling and turning. Additionally, the CLP miniature sensors enable a swift upgrade of the force washer to a sensor with multiple axes.

They have a very low height, ranging between 3 and 5mm. Combining them with the CLP force washers and using at least two CSW force washers mounted in different directions enables measurement systems to be set up to measure force in different directions simultaneously.

They are made from stainless steel materials, and comply with the IP65 degree of protection. The Paceline CSW is available with maximum capacities ranging from 1kN to 8kN. Installation takes little time owing to matching accessories that are also available directly from HBM. Due to galvanic isolation, no additional insulation washers are required.