New engineering plastic profiles

Jon Lawson

In order to enable more efficient production, the plastics specialist igus has expanded its range of semi-finished engineering plastic products. This enables the ordering of industrial profiles designed to individual specifications made from the proven iglidur materials. When extruding the final form, the customer benefits from lower processing and material costs.

“Based on our iglidur materials, we can implement a wide variety of profile geometries according to the requirements of our customers,” explains Robert Dumayne, the dry-tech director at igus. “By doing this, our customers receive their plastic solutions directly in the desired form, thus saving time and money.”

Profile geometry examples include U-shaped or square profiles, half-shells or tubes made of iglidur. They are used as sliding rails, guide rails or wear profiles in a wide range of industries, from machine and plant engineering, through the beverage and food industry to the textile industry.

All iglidur semi-finished products, whether round bars, plate material or profiles, are optimised for low friction and wear, and extensively tested in the igus laboratory. They are self-lubricating and therefore maintenance-free.

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