New directable UV spot lamp for curing adhesives

Louise Smyth

To tackle UV curing options available for the medical, industrial, electronics, automotive and optical industries, Intertronics has launched the IUV101 LED UV curing spot lamp. The new 370nm handheld spot lamp offers up to 2,000 mW/cm2 intensity in a portable package. It enables industry to cure UV adhesives that respond to long wave UV-A wavelengths between 360nm and 380nm.

UV curing spot lamps allow rapid curing of adhesives, typically in less than ten seconds but in many cases even quicker. A reduced curing time improves productivity and reduces production costs. UV curing lamps based on LED technology will do this in a more energy efficient way than conventional broad-spectrum UV curing lamps.
Using the IUV101 LED curing lamp, designers and engineers can focus UV light precisely on the spot where the adhesive will be cured. The device has no warm-up period, with an LED service life of up to 15,000 hours. It comes with everything the user needs to get started, including a pair of safety glasses.
The IUV101 is suitable for industrial environments, including workshops, assembly lines and research and development laboratories. The spot lamp is suited to both high and low volume applications that include glass assembly, electronic component ruggedisation, wire tacking and lens bonding. There are potential uses in non-destructive testing and fluorescence excitation.


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