Innovative curing technology

News Editor

At SMTconnect in Nuremberg, Germany Panacol will present the innovative Black&Light technology, which allows to fully polymerize black epoxy adhesives without resorting to secondary curing mechanisms. The perfect match: UV-LED curing systems by Dr. Hönle AG.

Panacol's new Black&Light technology enables the complete curing of black epoxy adhesives with LED-UV light.  Depth of cure can range from a few hundred micrometres to several millimetres. The adhesives are suitable for encapsulation, glob top, or edge bonding in electronics manufacturing. Here the black, opaque epoxy resins are mostly used to secure and cover semiconductors or components to ensure know-how protection.

A typical manufacturing process using Black&Light technology is very user-friendly: The black adhesive is dispensed and cured with the appropriate wavelength and intensity. During the curing process, the Black&Light technology within the adhesive enables the UV rays to penetrate and complete a full cure.  Once the adhesive fully polymerized, the structure of the Black&Light technology prohibits light transmission, resulting in a fully cured adhesive system that remains irreversibly black.

A major advantage of the "Black&Light" adhesives is storage.  Many single-component, black epoxies require deep frozen transportation and storage. The "Black&Light" epoxy adhesives can be stored and shipped at room temperature or under normal refrigeration.

The Black&Light technology is compatible with many Vitralit® epoxy adhesives from Panacol. Custom adhesive solutions can be created to accommodate unique requirements for amount of light blocking and depth of cure.  The "Black&Light" adhesive systems can be very individually adapted to specifications of the respective application.

As with all encapsulation applications, the optimal results of the Black&Light technology depend on choosing the right curing device. First choice are the LED-UV curing systems from Hönle. Their features are perfectly matched to the photoinitiators inside Panacol adhesives and, at the same time, increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process.