New cleaning process for oil pipes

Louise Smyth

ATAM Group has launched its proprietary ‘Build it Clean’ process utilising the ATAM Air Jet. The new process is designed to eliminate reworks, delayed start-up dates and inflated project budgets, often resulting from piping construction cleanliness issues.

The Air Jet, developed in-house, is environmentally friendly as it greatly reduces wash water usage and contaminated water disposal. Capable of cleaning and visually inspecting simultaneously, the new product replaces longstanding industry methods, whilst providing a 100% internal inspection record of the completed piping systems.
Current new-build methods neglect cleanliness during piping system construction and are mostly considered post construction, during pre-commissioning or later in the commissioning phase. Due to this, the asset owner is increasingly forced to implement reworks that can include the removal of installed valves, piping spools and sectional welded pipework. The part deconstruction can be imperative to allow access for costly remedial works to achieve a suitable cleanliness specification. Carbon steel pipework can be especially susceptible to poor cleanliness and can often require harsher cleaning methods using strong chemicals. The ATAM Air Jet also offers a solution to clean alternative piping materials such as stainless steal and exotic alloys that until now has been almost impossible due to water jetting restrictions.
The ‘Build it Clean' process is designed to eliminate this uncertainty for the asset owner, reducing delays and project inefficiencies.  
ATAM Group, led by managing director, Mark Loades explained, “After years of working in the industry and repeated exposure to new build piping construction projects, I found it increasingly frustrating to work with inefficient pipe cleaning and inspection procedures. Whilst working on other projects, I had found that start-up dates could be deferred from three to twelve months due to piping cleanliness – often resulting in expenditures 20% north of planned budgets. I came to realise that alternative procedures must be possible to eliminate reworks and deliver projects on schedule. In combatting rework delays, ATAM Group has made a significant investment into research and development, including new products and processes, resulting in the streamlined, ‘Build it Clean’ procedure.”
Following a seven-figure investment into UK growth plans, including the opening of a new office site in Aberdeen, the ATAM Air Jet is the first of three new product lines that the company plans to launch in 2018.

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