New chemical resistant flexible couplings

Jon Lawson

VIP-Polymers has launched a new chemical resistant flexible coupling under its VIPSeal brand that dramatically simplifies the joining of pipes, speeding up installation, reducing costs, and minimising operational downtime.

The new patent-pending VIPSealChem coupling is for use on pipe systems where a high resistance to chemicals or extreme temperatures is required, yet it is just as easy to fit as all other VIPSeal products.

Sectors VIPSealChem has been designed for include the chemical and process industries, pharmaceutical, medical, and research laboratories, hospitals, food and drink manufacture and fuel storage.

The new couplings have been developed by leading global couplings and gasket specialist VIP, based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK, where they are also manufactured.

VIPSealChem FKM flexible couplings are manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of EN681-1 WB/WD and EN295-4. FKM rubber is resistant to a broader chemical range, and has a higher temperature resistance than EPDM rubber which is traditionally used for pipe seals.

The couplings have a distinctive green colour to clearly distinguish them from the standard EPDM and NBR (Nitrile) couplings. This, along with the clear VIPSealChem branding and labelling, will allow merchants, installers, and end-use clients to quickly identify that they have a higher chemical and temperature resistance.

Because the chemical resistance lies within the rubber sleeve itself, VIPSealChem couplings can be fitted without having to incorporate additional materials required by other products on the market.

VIP Commercial Director Jon Crean said: "We have developed VIPSealChem couplings to overcome installation limitations contractors have been facing with chemical resistant seals previously available. As such, we believe VIPSealChem represents a major step forward in the performance of chemical resistant flexible couplings, and a significant innovation in this product category."

Other chemical resistant couplings require the installer to stick expanded PTFE seals around each pipe before fitting the coupling, then heat-shrink an FEP liner around the pipe.

VIPSealChem does away with these processes, which are time-consuming and can be difficult to carry out within worksites that often have limited space and are generally a dirty environment.

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