New 1,200kW plunger pump

Jon Lawson

With the new quintuplex pump, Kamat offers users the option of generating large volumetric flow (up to almost 4,000l/min) and high pressure (up to 3,500 bar) with a single, easy-to-control pump. 

The new quintuplex plunger pump with the designation K120000-5G was developed upon requests from customers, primarily from the process and steel industries, for high pressure and ultra-high-pressure pumps with the largest possible volumetric flow. Currently, 10 to 15 identical pumps are sometimes used in these applications, e.g. for descaling rolled steel products. That is not ideal with regard to investment, energy and maintenance costs. Kamat consequently now expands the existing range of quintuplex pumps (with five plungers) with a model that is 50% more powerful than the previously strongest pump with an 800kW engine.

The new drive concept constitutes a crucial design difference of the new pump compared to the previous models. Instead of the integrated gear unit with double helical gearing manufactured in-house, an industrial gear unit with a separate housing is now used. This lowers production costs and allows easy adaptation of the gear reduction to the individual requirements. Additional differences to the 800kW pump are the number of crankshaft bearings (six instead of four) and the forced feed oil lubrication for the large crossheads.


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