Hydraulic drilling fluid pumps

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The standard models of Dynaset’s hydraulic high pressure drilling fluid pump provide output power up to 85kW. The compact size and versatile use characterise these patented pieces of hydraulic equipment. Standard models produce fluid pressure [max] from 40 bar up to 200 bar which equals pressure [max] from 580 psi up to 2900 psi, and they produce fluid flow [max] from 23 lpm up to 250 lpm which equals fluid flow [max] from 6.1 gpm up to 66.0 gpm.

Power-to-size ratio is excellent thanks to the pump's structure allowing it to operate without any rotating parts. It makes the pump extremely small, reliable and cost-effective in use. Heavy-duty pistons with abrasion-resistant hardening and smart design allow it to run for thousands of hours. The pump design makes it a low maintenance product since it is self-lubricated by hydraulic oil. Various types of drilling fluids can be used due to high abrasion and chemical resistance of the pump. It works with bentonite and polymer mixes, foaming agents etc. The pump tolerates solid content up to 25%.

Powerful Dynaset high-pressure pumps can be used in tunnelling, mining, down-the-hole (DTH) drilling as well as in all drilling applications. The drilling fluid pumps are used in soil flushing, drill bit jetting, casing lubrication, bore stabilization and pressurizing. Numerous large-scale heavy equipment manufacturers are using Dynaset equipment in the field of geo drilling.

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