Magnetic plant units redefine separation efficiency

Siobhan Doyle

Magnetic separation processes have the potential to recover fine and ultrafine particles and simplify operations.

Implementing a magnetic separation process includes several steps, from flowsheet selection to ramp-up and ensuring planned capacity. Miners must also evaluate executional and operational factors when selecting the most workable solution alongside financial aspects. To ease this, Finnish industrial machinery company Metso have introduced modular magnetic separation plant units designed for high recovery and simplified operation.

“We are excited to launch the Magnetic Separation Plant Units,” says Alex Lagerstedt, vice president of Plant Solutions at Metso. “Besides easy installation and maintenance, the scalable units have provided unrivaled selectivity, resulting in high recovery of fine and ultrafine particles.”

Founded in 1999, Metso focuses on supplying sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions and services for the aggregates, minerals processing and metals refining industries globally.

Compared to traditional delivery, the modular plant units result in the earliest time-to-volume, according to Metso. Thanks to maximised pre-fabrication in a controlled workshop environment and minimised site work, Metso says installation is safer, faster and of better quality.


The Magnetic Separation Plant Units feature a flexible scope to meet the needs of the end customer or Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM). Delivery includes proven technology for the entire magnetic separation circuit with in-house testing for equipment sizing and flowsheet design, and it can also include automation, installation and commissioning advisory, training, maintenance, and service.

Metso’s magnetic separation equipment portfolio comprises SLon Vertically Pulsating High Gradient Magnetic Separators (VPHGMS), Metso High Gradient Magnetic Separators (HGMS), and/or dry and wet Low Intensity Magnetic Separators (LIMS). Operators can also equip the Plant Units with OKTOP feed tanks, slurry pumps, hoses, and valves, and coupled with process control systems and various ancillary products and sampling systems.

The company, who specialise in technology and modularity, added that the units include of a simple, fit for purpose plant design for minimised OpEx/CapEx, features proven technology for magnetic separation circuits and operators can also digitalise the units through optional sensors and analysers.

According to Metso, mining companies can use the Magnetic Separation Plant Units in applications such as separating iron ore concentrates, tailings recovery, lithium (battery minerals), rare earth ores, and industrial minerals.

“Metso’s High Gradient Magnetic Separator portfolio features a wide range of processing options for many particle sizes and applications, ranging from iron ore concentrates, rare earth ores, battery, and industrial minerals to tailings recovery,” says Peter Jansson, product manager of Magnetic & Physical Separation at Metso. “Combining these magnetic separators into plant units results in flexible and efficient flowsheets.”

For the Magnetic Separation Plant Units, Metso says it can also supply an integrated service offering through its global network. The scope ranges from maintenance, modernisations and retrofits, process optimisation to spares and wears, training, and Life Cycle Services.





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