First 80 inch Rare earth roll magnetic separator

News Editor

Eriez has built and commissioned what it believes is the world’s first 80-inch dry high intensity rare earth (RE) roll magnetic separator to satisfy unique minerals processing application requirements, according to director of Minerals and Materials Processing, Jose Marin. The rare earth roll magnetic separator was successfully installed at the customer’s site, and preliminary findings indicate the industrial mineral upgraded by the equipment has “exceeded the expectations of the customer, even at higher than specified feed rates,” Marin reports.

Eriez rare earth roll magnetic separators provide maximum efficiency in the separation of weak magnetic particles for product purification applications. The company applied sophisticated finite element analysis in magnetic circuit design to produce an energy-free separator capable of generating the exceptionally high field-strengths needed to remove unwanted fine iron contaminants.

The separators have always been available in a variety of sizes; however, the company’s largest offering previously was a 60-inch roll width unit.

Marin says, “All of our separators incorporate the highest strength and best quality magnet material. They provide excellent performance with hassle-free operation, inspection and maintenance.” He adds, “We are excited that our newest 80-inch model is surpassing predicted performance levels.”

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