Magnetic clutches provide non-contact power transmission

21st February 2013

Misumi Europa is expanding its rollers and conveyor components product group to include two designs of magnetic clutch. The components enable non-contact, low-wear, magnetic power transmission to transport devices, for example, in clean room applications.

The TM magnetic drives (magnetic clutches) provide non-contact power transmission via a magnetic field. Conveyors in clean room applications, such as those used in transporting glass panes for flat screens, require transport devices that create as little dust as possible. Thanks to the TM magnetic drive, the components do not come into contact, which virtually eliminates wear and contamination. The drives are also characterised by extremely quiet operation. The components are suitable for potential semi-permanent use within the permissible scope of application on the basis of the permanent magnetic specification. This makes it possible to construct power-limited conveyor devices that can be operated continuously without causing damage to the conveyer device or the conveyed goods.

There are two designs available according to the direction of power transmission: The 90-degree variant transfers the power via two TM magnetic drives arranged at right angles to each other, while the parallel variant features two drives located parallel to each other and functioning in opposing directions. The number of magnetic clutches required for the application is calculated from the size and scale of the torque to be transferred, which depends on the workpieces. The number of components, the size of the clutch and the relevant torque are therefore interdependent. Subsequently, users are able to select the appropriate component from the table in Misumi's catalogue.

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