Machine vision module optimises process monitoring

Paul Boughton

The automated control using camera-based solutions helps detecting error sources in industrial production processes in a very reliable way and hence lays the basis for an interactive correction.

The image processing system ibaMachineVision  extends the functionality of ibaCapture-CAM, which is a complete system consisting of hardware and software for recording visual information.

Using ibaCapture-CAM in combination with the process data acquisition system ibaPDA-V6, synchronised recording of video images and measurement signals of technical processes becomes possible.

Video sequences and process data are recorded in a time synchronous manner and can be played back also time synchronously in order to analyse the process behaviour.

By means of ibaMachineVision, the process data acquisition system gets additional values from the image processing module. Numerical measurement values, such as dimensional values of objects or information concerning the production, eg size and location of defects are extracted from the video stream.

These data are processed by the MachineVision-Engine, using algorithms from image processing for object recognition and information extraction becoming visual measurement values.

A typical application for ibaMachineVision is monitoring a continuous production plant such as, for example, a continuous bloom caster.

The image processing system recognises the corner points on the front of a square-shaped steel strand and calculates the difference of the diagonals.

The process data acquisition system generates a long-term trend of this characteristic value  and alerts the user in case of a significant trend using a virtual traffic  light on the user surface. The user can immediately intervene in the process and initiate corresponding corrective actions. The production of deficient products is reduced, the process efficiency is enhanced and the product quality ensured.

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