Lean-burn gas generator set

Paul Boughton

Cummins Power Generation has launched a new lean-burn gas generator set product line.

The new 50Hz products, which extend the capabilities of the existing QSV91G generator range, offer exceptional transient performance and improved fuel capability, allowing them to run on low methane number fuels and produce lower emissions.

The new line marks the debut of a MWe variant, alongside the improved 1,540 kWe and 1,750kWe models.

Primary applications for the new models include prime, peaking and combined heat and power (CHP), as well as continuous operation in island mode and standby power.

Their robust load handling attributes and capability of running on pipeline and low methane number fuels down to 43MN make them suitable for remote locations where grid power is unavailable, such as mining, oil or gas fields, or in regions of the world where grid power is either unreliable or inaccessible.

In keeping with Cummins’ commitment to a reduced carbon footprint to help meet worldwide emissions standards, NOx emissions ratings as low as 250 mg/Nm3 are available where required. The range retains its proven ability to run on biogases from landfill, digester and sewage sites.

In another step-up in performance, the new product line is designed to meet the ISO 8528 G1 standard.
For more information, visit www.cumminspowerdocs.com

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