Edina launches new 10MW MWM genset

Jon Lawson

MWM has launched its low emission 10.3MWe gas engine combined heat and power (CHP) and power generator via its exclusive partner Edina.

The new genset provides electrical efficiency of up to 48 per cent and a total efficiency of up to 93 per cent, achieving outputs of 9,830kWe to 10,300kWe. 
The 20 cylinder engine's single-stage turbocharging system and two-stage charge air cooling process, together with a spark plug-operated pre-combustion chamber, deliver excellent efficiency and emissions performance. 
Due to its modular, space-saving design, the TCG 3042 is ready for immediate on-site installation and can accommodate a multiple genset configuration. It uses 40 per cent fewer components, compared to conventional design, resulting in reduced wear-and-tear of parts and longer maintenance intervals.
The TCG 3042 is optimised for CHP applications or Power Generation only projects. Two different coolant circuits can be combined with three thermodynamic engine layouts to maximise flexibility, including ease of switching between summer and winter mode.

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