Inrush current limiting NTC thermistors

Jon Lawson

Ametherm has introduced a new series of inrush current limiting NTC thermistors designed to withstand high input energy from 500J to 900J and steady-state currents from 10A to 50A.

Offering a rugged design, MS35 series devices are optimised for high-power applications, including solar inverters, battery chargers, and DC/DC converters.

The MS35 series consists of seven thermistors featuring resistance from 0.5Ω to 20Ω, dissipation constants from 78 mw/°C to 102.45 mw/°C, and thermal time constants from 65s to 240s. The devices can handle body temperatures up to 235°C at 100% of their maximum current rating, and they offer maximum capacitance from 1000µF to 1800µF at 680VAC.

Featuring diameters of 37mm and 38mm and thickness down to 6.50mm, the thermistors released today handle the same amount of energy as power resistors in a smaller package, saving valuable circuit board space. In addition, they provide simple one-component alternatives to using power resistors with timers and relays, reducing costs and greatly simplifying designs.