Innovative solutions for measuring food products

Louise Smyth

The new Zeiss on-line NIR sensor Corona Process is based on diode-array technology and predicts parameters such as moisture, fat and protein. These parameters, combined with colour measurement, prevent over- or under-cooking and optimise oil uptake and fryer operation. Fully engineered for continuous or static product flow technologies, it makes a continuous single or multi-component non-contacting measurement.

Due to the built-in colour measurement function, further benefits can be provided such as the on-line measurement of degree of bake, browness or colour in bakery or fried products. These are important quality parameters of bakery and snack products. Measuring these parameters provides even deeper insight into the process and guarantees the highest quality standards.

Further applications of the Corona Process include coffee and tea processing, corn wet milling, dairy powders, flour and grains, ingredients, seeds, nuts and spices, meat further processing, olive oil extraction, animal feeds, starch, fishmeal, sugar processing and refining.

The product can be transported to the required point of measurement whether, on an open conveyor belt or in an enclosed duct. The product flow may be continuous or static. As ambient process conditions changes in temperature and relative humidity, the sensor compensates without affecting the measurement.

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