Improved ultrasonic cleaning

Paul Boughton

Turbex has launched the ultrasonic Versa Mk III compact and capable aqueous cleaning system.
Bespoke lines built from modular tanks and components are capable of washing, deswarfing, degreasing, rinsing and drying batches of industrial components to a high degree of cleanliness and uniformity.

A customer may specify any combination of those processes to define a system that can be expanded or altered after installation, if required.
The method for transferring the basket of components between each stage has been improved. Handling is accomplished either manually, semi-automatically with the assistance of a pneumatic or electrical lifting arrangement, or fully automatically under programmable logic control. Omission of the former A-frames at each end results in a shorter overall footprint than previously.
Another facet of the redesign is the inclusion of degassing as standard. This removes air dissolved in the water resulting from emptying and filling a tank. Presence of air is undesirable, as it takes energy out of the ultrasonic action and reduces its effectiveness.
Perhaps the most far-reaching upgrade is in the control system, however. The panel on each tank allows more convenient control over accessory functions such as basket dunking and fine filtration. Previously, they were adjusted from elsewhere on the line. Other control improvements include more preset programs and a seven-day timer for each heater.
A line can have any number of tanks of either 40, 80 or 120 litres capacity. When loaded fully automatically, the basket of components can have a maximum basket weight of either 10 kg or 20 kg, while manual and semi-automatic handling allows loads up to 30 kg to be processed.

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