High-speed ambitions

Paul Boughton

When it comes to a challenge there's not a lot that gets in the way of Sean Rose.

Despite breaking his back in a skiing accident 13 years ago, Sean's thrill for speed was just too much to give up and since then he has continued to enjoy a life that would daunt even the most able-bodied.

If World Champion Water Skier, World Cup Gold Downhill Skier, Winter XGames medalist, Double Paralympian, adventurer, guest speaker and all round speed freak wasn't enough, he has now set his sites on developing purpose built equipment for wheelchair bound athletes.

His latest project, in conjunction with specialist designers HOC and manufacturers Draft Wheelchairs is in the development of a wind powered land kite.

The Mark 3 SnowKite Rig is the culmination of over two years R&D and has been specifically designed to withstand the potential rigours of a 300km journey across the largest glacier in Europe – yet another challenge on Sean's 'must-do' list!

In order to retain the stainless steel pivot pins in place on the legs of the SnowKite, TFC's Spirolox Retaining Rings were specified. Unlike conventional circlips, Spirolox rings are manufactured by coiling round-edged flat wire and subsequently offer significant advantages such as:

* No gap – full 360° retaining surface;
* No Protruding lugs to interfere with mating components (uniform cross section);
* Economically produced and immediately available in stainless steel;
* Easy installation and removal  - no special tools required;
* No tooling charges on custom designs;
* Available in a wide range of exotic materials and finishes.

For more information, visit www.seanrose.co.uk or www.tfc.eu.com

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