Hazard-free adhesive sealant

Jon Lawson

Global water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe has launched Mega All White, a hazard-free anaerobic adhesive sealant for a range of industrial applications.

The product provides a fast-acting and secure hold and is specially formulated for applications such as gasket sealing and thread locking on equipment where components need to be disassembled for maintenance.

Mega All White offers an all-in-one solution for maintenance engineers requiring a firm sealant for multiple applications.

Due to its modified viscosity, the product stays in place once applied to components but is able to evenly penetrate and flow upon assembly.

This makes it suitable for thread locking, where the sealant effectively fills and locks threads, as well as for fixing cylindrical bearings.

The product has a methacrylate resin base that allows the adhesive to cure rapidly on contact with metal in air-restricted applications, such as nut and bolt assembly.

Mega All White forms a tough polymer in the absence of oxygen that bonds two surfaces together to provide effective protection from leaks and vibrations and, once set, has high pressure-resistance and tensile strength.

This process can occur in as little as two minutes on brass surfaces.

“A major bugbear of many maintenance engineers is when adhesives are unnecessarily complicated to apply,” explained Peter Crossen, VP of the Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. “Traditionally, common industrial applications have each required different specialist adhesives. This has resulted in elevated maintenance costs, as plant managers have invested in two distinct products for similar applications, such as a thread locker and a flange sealant.

“To make the sealing process more economical and less time consuming, NCH Europe has formulated Mega All White to be effective in a range of applications rather than having a single speciality. For example, maintenance engineers can use the product to fill irregularities in gaskets and also in securing gear liners and bearings, with Mega All White performing as effectively as a specialist solution.”

In addition to providing a cost-effective solution to engineers, Mega All White is also hazard-free and does not contain any irritants.

As such, engineers can safely apply the solution without protective gloves and can use fingers to ensure an even spread of sealant across curved surfaces such as pipe couplings.

The sealant is approved by the water regulations advisory scheme (WRAS) and certified to BS EN571, making it safe for use in potable water and domestic gas applications. To withstand the pressure of more demanding applications, Mega All White also has a maximum pressure resistance of 695 bar once cured.

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