Halogen-free solder paste

Paul Boughton

OT2 is Cobar’s latest halide and halogen-free solder paste technology. The  paste’s optimised rosin-based chemistry offers the best printing and wetting properties in Pb-free as well as SnPb.

Because of the uniform paste flux technology for SnPb and Pb-free, it is easy to switch from SnPb to Pb-free.

The solder paste is designed to achieve printing speeds up to 250 mm/s for the most demanding throughputs. The combination of solvents and activators used in this paste returns a large process window for the reflow process. High yields can be achieved with fast conveyor speeds and short cycle times.

Balver Zinn’s BRILLIANT B2012 is a halide-free, rosin-based solder wire designed for manual and robotic soldering. B2012 is odourless and shows excellent soldering and wetting performance.

The no-clean, halide free solder wire was developed for lead-free rework and touch-up. B2012 is available in the alloys SN100C, (SAC305 on request) and SnPb with a standard flux content of 2.2 per cent. Balver Zinn wires are available in diameters from 0.3 to 3.5mm.

SN100C B2012 μ-wire is now also available in 0.15mm and 0.2mm diameters.

For more information, visit www.balverzinn.com or www.cobar.com