Gasket improves heat exchanger performance

Paul Boughton

Flexitallic’s Head of Engineering, Russ Currie, has overcome customers’ complex technical issues with poor performing sealing heat exchangers with an innovative new gasket, Change.

The Change gasket delivers a more dynamic seal, with superior compression and recovery than any other gasket on the market*. Change can be supplied with Thermiculite, PTFE, graphite filler and a wide variety of other metals, making it suitable for an extensive range of applications.

Russ Currie said: “We developed a unique sealing construction and new welding process to engineer ‘Change’, which was created in direct response to customers’ long-term problems. ‘Change’ has out-performed all alternative gaskets we have tested to date, including our own, and now we are seeking out customers with troublesome applications to challenge ‘Change’ to dramatically improve performances.

“Efficiencies in production methods have also enabled this new technology to be a cost-effective solution for customers.”

* Based on Radial Shear Testing (RAST), thermal cycling and leakage tests:  Modified Shell Test, ROTT and Compression testing.

Enter at www.engineerlive/iog

Flexitallic Ltd is based in Cleckheaton, Lamacashire, UK.


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